My Apology to those I had hurt

Hi this is Aleyn i’d like to apologize for all the trouble I had caused all of you at the time I was on RPH. I deeply regret it and wish I had never done any of those things to the people I had hurt. I’m never returning to RPH so you will won’t be seeing me here. I also barely go on epsilon. I’ve just been enjoying the new expansion on retail and been taking a break from rping for a while. I have changed my ways and I promise you all that I will not fall down that path again and I am going to make sure of that. No I am not asking for forgiveness, you don’t have to because a shitty person like me doesn’t deserve it after I pulled stuff like that. Edit: If I ever do return to the server one day, I want to return with a better mindset and not fall down that road again, because it was just killing me on the inside and it was extremely exhausting. I’d like to rp and just chill without having to worry about constant amounts of drama, or everything else that has happened over those three months of my time on the server.

then why tf make this post,
also says a lot about epsilon community lmfao

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Honestly this is the biggest fucking cop-out of an apology that I’ve ever seen

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Whats the point of this post then if you won’t return?

np, glad you came to realize your mistake and it says a lot about your person that you admit it

every human being struggles in their own way, it is only up to ourselves that we see it through that we end up on a path towards Good, through self-improvement

hope you can pave a better way in the future



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y u apologizing to us bruv u didn’t groom us

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Hello True Believers! Stan Lee here!

You know, superhero stories are all about the bad guy and how the good guy takes them down, but in real life, sometimes the good guys and the bad guys aren’t so obvious. Well, Like we say at the bullpen, if you come up with a clinker, hang your head hero. We all still get a good chuckle out of it here at the Marvel office.
Till next month, face front! That’s where the action is!


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don’t care didn’t ask

I don’t keep up with drama as much as I used to. What’s this about?

grooming and shiet u don’t wanna know k thnx bye

aleyn lol

now that’s a dame

guys. it’s SOCIETY, not me, an actual groomer and awful manipulative person! i dont want to hear about anymore drama :3

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stfu ugly ass pedophile

I’m not aiming it at society at all. Stop fucking twisting my words

No i’ll speak whenever I feel like it, thanks.

honestly i respect how you managed to nonce multiple boys whilst looking like the missing link

shut up pedophile

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listen. if you aint posting another messytube video i dont wanna hear it smh

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