My Apology to those I had hurt

person below me is gay



Ima be honest, Aleyn it’s probably smart to you know, stop. It ain’t the first or second issue of the (?) at hand. Drop a apology to the people you should, and go. You not doing what you said you were gonna do leaving just gives wrong messages. Stop feeling like you need to defend yourself, /you/ shouldn’t be in this type of thread, let alone considering you’ve repeated the act x3+ from what I’ve been told, just stop. Do what the internet’s best at. Disappear.

who are you

I’d like to take a moment to promote my third RPH Bestseller;

Have a good day

what the


shut up anime girl

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wow is my favourite overwatch

Yeah let’s hope some justice is served.

they just went to moonguard on retail, same name, aylen or aleyn. Still rping the creepy loli.

They didn’t stop, they just moved to another stalking grounds.

joined the homeland of creepy groomers

Aleyn isn’t a fucking loli. She’s 5’8 and a dk

please, never return.

isnt a dk also necrophilia

you into men yet?

this is a lame apology because i don’t know what you did

Nice self insert on MG mate, maybe you should actually stop hanging around pedos and minors. You actively dodge seeking help soooo

Can we stop necroing old threads pls thanx no one cares anymore