Nice to start here!

Hey there,

I’m brand new to this server and have been bored but not sure what to do with my free time so I tried here after I was told about it. I like all the things you can potentially do but I’m sure I’ll figure it all out eventually. I basically have been rping on retail WyrmrestAccord for about five years and am ready to meet the people of RPH.

Thanks for reading!

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ok hello welcome hope you have a nice time on rph :slight_smile:

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Some of the population can be toxic at times of the day but if you get in a guild full of solid rpers you’ll strive here mate.


I can get the OOC banter and some people won’t be so open to everything but I get that. I am just here to share stories with my character and hope to make some friends if possible, already made one in fact last night. Thank you for the advice however!


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i am the toxic flamer archetype they’re talking about

Oh boy, I’ll get my anti-bullying gear on then :woman_shrugging:

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