NPC Mall 2.0. Last one was full now its 2 phases.


Common question 1. Whats this for?   

Dumb Answer 1.  Its me helping you, pre made friendly faction ID npcs each with a unique taste to help divesrity of your phase.   Some people are stingy and slab their phase name on the guild tag, others use the same civilian npc for an entire city.     This is just me opening my testing ground and giving other people access to my machinations. 3

Phase 83570 is full

Didn’t think I could fit anymore without giving people problems. So I made a new phase. 


Its full of BFA npcs, Thrall with his new model Axe, Silvermoon Guards w/ new weapons +custom spellbreakers with said weapons.  Liadrin, Lothremar, Dark Rangers, Tyrande, bla bla Point is I made another 300ish npcs for a new phase.

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I’m going to use this resource, thanks for your work.