Phase 308894 (Stories of Azeroth)

Phase 308894 is now a 24/7 phase! Feel free to join whenever! Quests are always going and events are regular! Pst Jae the Monk for more details and keep an eye out on .ph ann for listings!

RP Areas:

  • Jiang Xue

  • Cliffton

  • Fallhaven

  • Grizzly Hills

  • Lumberville

  • Riverside

  • Goldshire

  • Redridge

  • Stormwind

  • Westfall

  • Booty Bay

  • (And more to come!)

(All of Elwynn Forest is spawned)

If you have any thoughts on the phase, please leave feedback! It is appreciated!

Also, looking for builders and dms! I am currently the only officer there is.

Is this phase still active? If so around what time do people generally join? Thanks :slight_smile: