Phase Delete Function

Considering we now can’t delete characters who have phases, could you add a command to let us delete the phases on those characters? I’ve got a bunch of alts I wanna get rid of I probably won’t use again and I can’t delete them 'cus they have throwaway phases I made to grab some morph IDs.


I agree

Wait what, we can’t delete toons with phases now?

you should be able to delete phases using .ph delete twice, is it broken?

It’s apparantly so we don’t “accidently” delete characters with phases we’ve worked on but they havn’t offered a way to get rid of alts with throwaway phases we’ve not actually put work into. :frowning:

Gonna add phase delete option


Thanks dude! It’s appreciated.

any update on this?

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Nope, doesn’t look like there is any update on this

you can delete your character

dr3ad decided to go with server delete instead

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