.Phase Delete / .phase delete (ID)

When you create a phase for a character, that character then becomes un-deleteable. You can’t remove that character-- period. Even if you don’t use them anymore. They’re there. They’re staying there.

literally any command that lets you delete a phase like lol

.phase delete 419960
{little prompt telling you to type .phase delete yes or something)
.phase delete yes or something
{phase is deleted and you can delete character}

Best bet for now is just to do .char changefaction, race, or customize to change their identity.

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I second us really needing a phase delete function. The change they did to apparantly stop folks accidently deleting characters with phases has had the backfire effect of not letting me delete the shit ton of alts I have and want to get rid of badly. Either give us phase delete or let me delete them normally, argh. ;-;