Phase Deletion Request

I have been on RPH for five long years now. My account has a lot of the donation perks. I have a full character list that I’d like to trim, but can’t, due to the inability to delete phases. I was hoping that the Admins can delete them so I can clear my character list up. I really don’t want to have to make another account so I can have a fresh list.

425572 / 381170 / 425324 / 427248 / 427004 / 427052 / 427200 / 429218 / 429236 / 381316

These are the phases I’d like deleted. Any help would be appreciated.

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gotta feel bad for all those erp alts tho

LOL more like “characters I never used / used to test spells”. But I do feel bad for them. One of them is literally named “spelltests”