Please change the forum back to what it was before

Please dread and goudy, please change the forums back to what they were before. I would really like to go back to the old format as it actually looks better. Please accept this request on all of our behalfs.


oldfags of rph unite and demand the good site returned to us
we will not suffer the tyrannical zoomer neoforum and struggle to adapt to the new format


Indeed. It is bad enough that we had to lose some of our old accounts on this forum from this but it is even worse to see the forum change into this abomination that we see now.

So please dread and goudy, listen to our pleas and change the forum back to what it was.

i kinda like it

i just want my pink name back @dr3ad @Goudy

let’s see

  • formatting options are downgraded
  • names are the way they are…
  • 20 character minimum
  • can’t edit old posts

but we got twitter emojis :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :scream: :scream: :corn:

I think you know this reason right here is why this new upgrade is bad dread and goudy.

the only people i recognize in this thread are vayle and ethereal

you ‘oldfags’ campaigning for a reset forums are just literallywho’s


The new change is just that — a change. It’s not a bad format in and of itself, it’s just a vast difference from what it used to be and will take some getting used to. The only things I particularly miss are the navigation of the main page, donator recognition, and the posts being organized on the sidebar rather than “Top” and “New” as it is here.

Though, with that being said, use of the forums isn’t really particularly necessary in the long run of community engagement.

Edit: At least it’s not as bad as Epsilon’s forums/website.


Probably fewer lost than assumed. My old banned account from 2011 was renamed to Marlon, which is so funny because ever since one particular name change I think around 2014 or so, that was actually my log-in information while the display name was Vraul Jawrip.

So try to think of old names if e-mail isn’t helping.

The old forums were very prone to hacking and being fucked up. They were also worse. Just give the new forum a chance. Goudy and Dread did it because the old one kept being hacked.

The people who complain about the new forum are the same that keep ranting on announce about nonsense every day. I like the new format, get on with the times already.

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