please dont allow really gross stuff

i think we should ban linking fetish lists and porn in totalRP bio sections

i dont see any reason this should be allowed or what it might add to the server; people who are here to jack off will still whisper each other and still link their gross porn and their vile fucking lists but that doesnt mean it needs to be so prominently displayed and so easily accessible, especially with younger people playing the server

if goudy and dr3 are too busy to enforce this, i will also make the sacrifice of applying for mod

( btw guys renaming myself to Russian Traius )

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Let em keep it

Anyone with a lustful meter, kink list or f-list page in their TRP are easier to spot and subsequently mock or ignore if this isn’t a rule

Degeneracy like that shouldnt be hidden it should be displayed and publicly shamed

I found it easier to just ignore such people, I can’t recall when was the last time I’ve read someone’s trp past the name and surname. Or made one myself.

I don’t really care about your generic xyz nobility roots or how perfect your D- cups are.

who’s being harmed by allowing people to publicize this stuff lol. it’s no different than seeing huge-dicked shemales on MG or WrA on retail, and the idea that people are going to be so utterly petrified by the sight of someone with a vaguely-lewd profile that they’ll leave the server is laughable-- new people are coming to the server all the time, RPH has had these types of people for years, and the population has only increased.

also, it seems funny that a huge stink is made about hiding this content from the sensitive eyes of children, but no such comments are made when people make really crude racial comments, or comments that belittle other ethnicities. why allow one side’s free speech and not the other lol

edit: feel free to shit on me if this is bait (which it probably is)

I don’t think there are any easy answers to this.

  • They’re unpleasant to see and be near because a lot of people don’t like their displays or behaviour. Most probably don’t care and seek to avoid them however, which leads into point #2.

  • Letting them keep their TRPs allows people to spot who they are much more easily in order to keep away. It also allows people looking for them to find them much more easily, potentially sparing non-ERPers the trouble of wayward whispers?

  • Heavy moderation wouldn’t be worth it because let’s say they enforce a ban or suspension on anyone who breaks the rule, right? Dr 3 and Goudy come in like Batman and Red Hood and serve justice to everyone at start or in any hosting phase. Well, we still have ERPers, they’ll just be forced to become more subtle about it, which I grant would be nicer but no one’s going to stick to the rule. Dr3ad and Goudy cannot spend their days policing the server over such a small matter, for whatever reasons including tedium.

  • Dudaramos is partially right. I think that the majority of ERPers will not scare anyone away, just make them roll their eyes. It’s the Pedos and Child RPers that will make them not only uncomfortable, but wanting to leave. I think a flat ban on these types of scum whenever they’re exposed should be enforced.

  • That gives a semblance of moderation, and shows the server isn’t just one huge metaphorical neutral tavern.

  • Gets rid of a very disliked minority of the server’s population that doesn’t serve to do anything but give a thin additional layer to the population numbers in return for a bad reputation (look at Epsi).

  • Literally no one (but them) will complain.

Also renaming to Russian Russian.

You can choose the epsilon route and pretend things are fine, but do you really want to?

Sex is gross

I think we should ban memes like Traius

i applaud u bro but its been like 4 years and nothings changed

problem’s still rampant on retail even though the ToS and shit went stricter on such, and trp report doesn’t seem to amount to much

if a place with more measures (and rules) can’t get rid of the rampant blight of Big Nigger Cock and Balls trps, i doubt anything is gonna happen here


I’m no fan of people making profoundly graphic profiles with little to no modesty myself, but going out of your way to scour someone’s profile after all the tell-tale signs are there is your own fault.

If such TRP profiles bother you, maybe it’s time for a TRP detox. Besides… I’ve never known Dr3ad to commit genocide. And that’s exactly what would happen if he were to ban everyone with a sexually explicit TRP. Meaning we will lose half the server’s population. 

i think da real solution is 2 bann all former div X players btw.

round up all erpers and shove them in the spike pit


dude nobody wants 2 see this gross shit why are you defending i do not comprehend

Bro who the fuck cares, mark as mature and get on with it, it’s RPH. We have the freedoms most servers don’t remotely have, mot servers I’ve seen saying anything remotely racist is permanent banned in itself, so shut the fuck up you whiny shitter and use the resources provided for that reason, block and flag mature, goodbye.

we don’t need more fucking drama, holy fuck I don’t even have erp profiles or lists and this annoys me how fucking dumb people are

im sorry i dont wanna have to ignore a quarter of the servers population because they cant just keep that shit private jesus christ dude they are adding nothing

@[member=‘THE traius’]

Just uninstall TRP. Easiest way to fix it!


they’re not under any obligation to hide it, lol. and, in fact, they /are/ adding something-- you may not prefer to pursue those avenues of RP, but they’re avenues nonetheless. it’s content for the people who want it.

stop being a little puritan baby lmfao