please dont allow really gross stuff

Also apparently 60% of rph has open erp profiles, watch out bro that flag mature apparently doesn’t exist



I get what he means though, like its weird that you’ll see these people hanging around. And while they’ve been around since 2012-13, they’re a lot more noticable now because they arent being ‘diluted’ by a larger playerbase anymore.

remember to practice e-abstinence kids

Look Traius I love you but this idea is fucking stupid

Thou were presented with a bait…

And thou tooketh it…

i think we should ban linking fetish lists and porn in totalRP bio sections i dont see any reason this should be allowed or what it might add to the server

I completely agree with this, but before this issue is addressed, I think the main concern should be the amount of BS on .ann and what kind of shit goes there. People who say they have a problem with fetish list but not with highly sexual and just plain gross things that go around on .ann are hypocrites.

…actually a viable option

based, yes

wont be any erp in the johnnyverse phase when it launches

the server will be saved

so i think a good and cool solution to this absolute problem would be to track anyone down with sexual in their roleplay profile for trp and stick them into their own special starting zone because i think people that use roleplay ‘heaven’ as a means to sate their sexual deviant desire is a rather disgusting tactic for getting out of their responsibilities, as well as causing a rift in the christian database for players. what would also be a nice way to solve the problem would be get rid of them but that would be problematic and scandalous and also controversial because people that have sex and people that e rp (whatever that means) enjoy causing drama after the fact because they could not control their pheremoans and could not control their self-pitching tent or alternatively waterfall. why should the fellow man be punished for such a crime when i was just trying to eat pizza and drink my Rockstar Energy Drinks while sitting in Roleplay Heaven start (emphasis on the quotes a few lines back)? it is not fair and quite frankly it should not be stood for in the slightest and i think that all e rp’ers (still dont know what that means) should be taken and thrown into a slammer, perhaps even commissioning a jail phase to be created just for those sex freaks that lurk on the server and even pose in start as a normal person, or maybe not posing and just flat out being disgusting with their sex but that is besides the point, this is not an opinion piece that you’re reading nor is it an analysis, but a cry for help, on behalf of the entire roleplay Heaven community of the server. and so god said when he created roleplay heaven, quote unquote, ‘let there be role play’. emphasis on the role play, you see, because he did not say ‘let there be fore play’ as the evil deviant people on the community server would otherwise suggest, and might i add that altering words of ‘god’ himself is a bit of a heretical thing to do and is bluntly put flat out blasphemous,. which brings me to the next part of this post and that is that everyone here is going to hell

I feel like traius. Is based. Simply put he is right that everyone who is not me is a dumb fucking retard (especially those weird e-perverts btw). 

Also whoever da fahk

actually read that (don’t care, didn’t ask, plus your white) can sum dis up but it sounds kinda smart I guess. Yeah fuck ppl who have cybersex, basically, I am god. ok.

Thank you Herionos, very cool!

Bruh dont use Da Lords name in vain


is that why you been erping with every asari on server?