Problem redownloading rph

So I had to reinstall rph and since then it hasn’t been able to fully download, I can log in fine, but i’m unable to teleport to many areas or join a lot of phases without immediately crashing, I can’t even join my own phase now which has completely halted all of my plans. How am I supposed to run a guild and make events when I can’t even play the game? I saw that a lot of other people have been having this same issue to the extent where SovereignGary had to post a temporary fix because this was such a common issue but he’s since taken it down and tbh my internet’s not fast enough to download 57 GB in one go anyways. rph is the only private server that I’ve had these problems with. What’s going on with the server?

Did you try teleporting aound to stormwind / orgrimar other main cities first? Also what specific error you get when crashing?

Message SovereignGary#1417 on discord, will be able to help