Problem with Wow1 Account

Hello, I’m having some problems with my Wow1 account. Since i started playing here i mustly used Wow1 account and because of that i can’t use some site features (such as rank creation) So i need to Transfer my characters to my username acc(Farless). Here’s the list of characters i need to transfer: Smuggler, Podprapor, Narok, Tinkvinky.

The wow1 account is intended for the website functions, gotta use your named account

Well, i kinda know that. But this explanation doesn’t fix my problem. I need to make rank for my phase, and i can’t do it due to the fact that phase is owned by my character from Wow1 account. This is why i’m asking for a transfer.

Yeah, I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this one then, only person who can do that for you is Dr3 himself, not even Goudy can, and I have a few friends who need their phases transferred and one of them for the past 3 years I think has been waiting, if you do get it transferred, big props to you and I would love to hear from ya if you do

Well, thanks anyway. Hope me and your friend will get transfer one day or another.