[Question] What will be your first activity?

Since the server is currently down I’d like to know from everyone what’s the first thing you’ll be doing once the server is back up? :smiley:

It can be either OOC/IC or both if it’s an explanation how the one intertwines with the other!

What have you missed most all this time? :slight_smile:

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I’ll personally be on the lookout/search for some Kingdom RPs to have some fun in. :slight_smile:

Uhh well…since all moved to epsilon, and im there to temporarily. Prob nothing, only thing i assume is, that the numbers will be lower than ever before

It’s not a matter of when, it’s a matter of If.

Well then indulge me, if it’s back up, what will you be doing? :slight_smile:

im gonna go on another server instead

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You already are on epsilon lol

i imagine u are as well but whats it matter this server aint going back up buddy

Well, I don’t know when or if the server will be back, but I hope it will. I’ll probably work with my brother on our phase as we used to. It’s far from being perfect or good, but hey, it’s our phase. As for what I missed the most? What the server actually offers : the phases, the build ability, you know all that stuff. I mean, sure, it kinda misses on the combat side, but you can do lots of stuff. Ever since the server went down I had to play in the regular way on a different server. That sucks since I’m not a pro and I like to have and use creativity.

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Go to Epsilon, my dude. It’s all the same features and more.

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Most of us moved to Epsilon already, Life goes on, except for those completely in denial.

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I hope the Server will be back online soon. I played quite a lot with friends a few years ago. we were always looking for Kingdom Rps, those were always fun. and I think we’ll do that again when the server comes back online… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thats alot of optimism bro, but again, we all are on epsilon now, and it RPH doesnt update to SL when its back, i doubt you will find anyone on the server

Server is dead bro.