Realm Of The Dead

So I basically suck at writing stuff like guild recruiting formats. So I will give it in the following format:

  • Lore and IC knowledge.
  • What will you benefit from this RP.
  • How we do the Gameplay.

1- The Lore (& IC Knowledge)

Usually, after a person dies, they have a chance to interact with a spirit healer, that gives them a second chance to live either in an undead state or their former state, for a cost. Veyln is a spirit healer that gives this chance, but also give the chance for the dead to live an afterlife, peacefully, protected by her, and consider the people under her hand, as servants. Once they are done with what they are tasked they can either remain under her power or return to life, and have a bind to her, so when they actually are needed, they’ll be tasked in the physical world. Veyln, is a Val’kyr that refused to join Heyla or Odyn, before the sealing of the Halls Of Valor, just like other spirit healers. However, Veyln has a different case, where she appears to some people at certain occasions. Usually she is found in graveyards, to achieve her personal goals. The bound, or rather the bargain, between her and mortals are basically benefitial for both. She will be able to gain more followers to aid her keep the “Balance” between evil and good and in the same time. Mortals will re-experience their past to fix their flaws according to her, after that, the decision comes to her whether she should give them a second chance or not.

2- What will you benifit from this RP

To keep it simple to everyone, my personal goal is to give people to experience IC death, through a serie of afterlife IC interaction, Dm’d events to live the backstory of your characters, so each person could have his OWN event on how things happened to him. Players will have the chance to feel the “good” cultists feeling, where they are tasked to do things. Even if you’re alive you’ll be able to have an experience on that, if you make a bargain with Veyln. Once Veyln appears to you, usually I do interact with people offering them joining. That doesn’t prevent them from trying to find me IC, through RP driven player unique event. So players can have some immersion.

3- How we do the gameplay

Basically, it is not rocket science. If you die, and I see you, I’ll usually make an invitation to join what I seek for. Witihin the first 48H you’ll be able to have your event where you experience your backstory, of course, after talking to me OOC and filling me up with details. You’ll have the opportunity for three forms of RP. Dead, Undead, Living servant. As for the undead, after doing your special backstory, you’ll return to life in the form of an undead. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll return to life, but you’ll be always requested to obey the IC rules that my character give you. After doing the pact to revive you won’t able to revive once again. As a dead person, you’ll do the same as the first phase on an undead character, beside after finishing, you’ll have very unique events where only you and other dead people will experience. As a living person, you’ll serve Veyln, in the physical world and actually do completely different and unique storyline, that won’t prevent you from roleplaying.

After you’re done with everything IC, you’ll have the choice for two things, to leave, or to stay.

Leaving will mean leaving the guild, with a unique item IC (unless u r dead), and gaining extra knowledge.

Remaining will give you that Item, but will keep you able to do the events.

Thank you.