[Request] Old Sylvanas DisplayID

Hi Dread :slight_smile: , When World of Warcraft updated to Legion they updated all of Sylvanas Windrunner’s DisplayIDs to feature the new model, ModelID 8454, so now I do not believe any displayID’s exist featuring the old model above.

I’m sure some other people might prefer to use the older model over the newer one for their Sylvanas npc in their phases.

The Model ID of the old model is 3027, so its just a matter of creating a displayID that uses that Model ID. I believe its still in the game files (Hopefully)

Thank you Dread

It’s in the files but has no displayid paired to it, doubt that dr3ad would do anything about it. Two ways you can fix it with a mod,

  1. db2 editing a “duplicate” displayid
  2. replacing the model of something unwanted with an sfid swap
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