REQUIEM 0.2 D&D Inspired RP

This is my update to the previous post.

As of now, the system is fully implemented and supports full Dice combat with modifiers, a leveling & gearing system.

What you can do:

“If you are a criminal, you can join the notorious assassin organization RAVENCREST and take down a much more shadier path, you will be able to learn how to craft poisons, all 6 ranks of them and also have access to specific items that are obtainable only from that place. You can sell stolen goods or try your luck and acquire the smugler’s cache”

“If you want to go down a more noble path, you can join REQUIEM, a guild of heroes that fights the things that lurk in the shadows (Not assassins) that could pose a danger to Azeroth and it’s people.You will have access to shops selling weapons, armor, others selling potions,flasks and a special forge that creates end game items by stabilizing Incongruous Essences.”

There are scripted open world events that you will be able to see on your map as soon as you enter in a group with a DM if you have Dicemaster installed (3.1.5.) They will appear as interest points on the map and they will have a description about the rewards , event, advised level and other things.

These open world events usually have to be tackled in a group of at least 3 people since death is a thing and if you die, you’ll have to get over it and get better!

That being said, I’m waiting for some feedback. If you are interested in this project and feel like it’s worth your time, contact me and I will fill you in with whatever information you might need.