Requiem - guild

Been putting together a project for quite some time now and these are the features I’ve got so far:

Thorough D&D like combat system (Simplified)

TRP Extended campaign that features npc interactions, items such as gear and utility items.

Here is a link to the campaign you can test for yourself You will also need two currency items. Crowns and Sovereigns. Just make sure you are invisible when testing, you might encounter people RPing. (Sadly I can just post 2 links :P)

What you will find up it’s just a preview of what I have in store. You will experience the criminal world of the project. The main idea of the project is to have a guild of heroes of all sorts unrestricted by class or faction and have DMed combat events and more.

I will come with an update once I get more stuff done. Should be a couple of days. Please let me know what you think and if you are interested to know more or join.

Keep in mind that I am not aiming to make this a big guild/community since roll fights can take allot.

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