RP Near and Updated Main Phase

Basically, an ability to check if there is any rp or populated rp near you, for exemple:

You are in Elwynn(or what basically the server emulator says you are) and check for phases nearby(like check where the spawnpoint is set), and some print the list, this would be great for travelers that like to “go” to the location insthead of be transported.

And an updated Main Phase, even witouth logic, only npc’s there and such(to not cause overhaul)


But why. Just why. Just the one question.

There’s an hourglass on your map that allows you to track TRPs in the region you’re in.

Yes i know that, but what i mean, is phases, like… if you were ever to go to booty bay no one is there, but they are all in the phase… some enjoy traveling.

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I dig this idea. Sounds like it could be a useful optional feature that can help filter out different phases that are not relevant to the role-play you are doing if you so choose.

I can see where you’re coming from with the first idea, but that probably isn’t going to work out too well due to the scarcity of phases that host in lore-established locations (Elwynn, Desolace, Redridge, etc). Maybe it could’ve been a neat addition if there were a larger complement of phases, but even then it’d only fulfill the wishes of a small niche (no disrespect) compared to those that use the /who function or the TRP3 scanner.

I’m not so sure about an updated main phase either unless some changes were made. The main problem with MP Booty Bay a few years back was that it was unregulated. Sure, moderators would handle any issue that disrupts the actual roleplay (overscaling, spell-spamming) but they never really dealt with the roleplay side of things. That meant the best thing you could do against metagamers and powergamers was /ignore them, but that would just break the immersion, especially if they stick around and essentially RP around you. I think a good compromise to this idea would be to add a feature that copies the MP’s NPCs and objects by zones. That way, you’ll be able to modify the zone to your heart’s content while doing a minimal amount of work, and not running the risk of … overwhelming your phase with EVERY gobject and creature from the MP. 

In fact, I recall such a feature existing at one point, but it up and disappeared. I don’t know if I’m thinking of another server or a past version of this one.

bring back rPCs faf.png


you mean the command .ph copy yes?

because that copies every MP npc to your phase

unfortunately however you can’t delete any of these NPCs and I hope that can be fixed some day since there are some NPCs that dont need to be copied.

There we go, yeah. A .ph copy command but improved would be an interesting feature.

if phase backups were fixed you could just backup mainphase to your own circumventing the whole limitation, you used to be able to do that anyway.