RPG/D&D5e Phase Interest

Ello you beautiful bastards. I’m considering a RPG phase, most likely making use of a D&D5e Conversion (With some alterations to the Conversion). The Phase would be primarily private but have a public host from time to time for recruitment purposes to ensure it endures if players burnout or lose interest.

In terms of what the phase setting would be, I’m thinking of alternate universe scenarios. Some tame like one focusing on Northrend after Sylvanas snaps the Helmet. Other ideals favoring the Apocalypse of Azeroth by X villain (Legion, Deathwing, etc.)

To simplify the responses, I had also made a Strawpoll (you can vote for multiple) as to which Phase Idea seems the most interesting. However I am open to suggestions and whatnot.



What about the Scourging of Lordaeron? Start off as villagers, farmhands, guards, etc, and then get more and more uhhh adventurey as shit hits the fan.

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The only one I could see looking good from an aesthetic standpoint is the final one - the lightforged thing.

But why not take that one step further. Make it Azeroth focused. Yrel’s Lightforged invasion on Azeroth or something. There’s always been speculation on her turning into a villain for an expansion so, could play on that.

now that could be interesting because you could then have more races than just draenei or orcs, it’d be like a beefed up scarlet crusade or something because it’s somehow even more zealous and powerful

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Fuck yeah but after reading Sashka’s comment I fell in love with it. I love exploring how folks interpret and reimagine what life was like in the lore’s past.

It’s more interesting to me than exploring possibly apocalypse futures or anything like that. WoW’s already had tons of apocalypses. Imagine a well DMed guild taking place right after the WotA. Trying to rebuild society on the face of a world completely transformed.

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I do like the idea but with scenarios like that, what I can do is limited as the experience would be semi-railroaded. It will end the same with Lordaeron falling to the Scourge unless this scenario has room to become alternate universe where you could stop the Scourge.

Some of the ideal was there with the Lightforged reconstructing the Dark Portal with the aid of their Naaru overlords to invade Blasted Lands in a similar way the Iron Horde did. (They would definitely be hostile to the Alliance as they have a few non-light believers and yknow, Void Elves.)


america be like:

That’s literally a Hansel phase.

a wat


Hansel was some old bastard back in the day. He was a good DM but the dude was a bit on the crazy end and loved to make gruesome gorey and disgusting details in his RP. I don’t think I can give details on it exactly as I’d be hit with the good ol “BYE”

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One more day before I close the Poll and see what was the most popular of ideas and go off from there. Thank you for all the Feedback so far.

Consider the Poll closed, with that in mind, Shadowlands Northrend has won and after some deciding internally, I will be going forth with the Shadowlands Northrend idea and will start working on it in the Background.

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Update: I have started work only to realize how few snowy zones there truly are to expand on the size of Dragonblight rather than working with the ingame size of the zone. Along with this, I’m having trouble finding an ice/snowy terrain block like the Nagrand Terrain .wmo that is commonly used. I’ve tried to use some icebergs for terrain but they tend to phase through the ground and then lose any physics and can completely be walked through. If I can’t find a work around for this, I will have to consider one of the other phase concepts I was either suggested or look at the other poll results.

Update 2: With Northrend having no success due to limitations of building, I looked towards the Lightbound Draenor Invasion ideal. While I did have more to work with in terms of building and places I could build. The ideal was rather aimless. There would be alot of combat and not much else. Which for a D&D game is not a good mixture as downtime is very much needed to keep a campaign from going stale. So, with that in mind. I decided to return to my roots, what I know, what I can expand on.

I will be doing a Fallen Azeroth/Post Apoc (What if Legion “won”) Phase set in Kalimdor.

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Definitely posting here to be updated. Love 5e stuff.