RPH 8.2.0 Bug/Glitch Megathread

Just post it here.

NPC-only skins and etc appear to be missing from the create a character and from the characters themselves, not sure if just a server problem or something else.

Getting an immediate disconnect trying to log in. No idea why.

I’m getting this same issue. But I think that it’s because the server is offline?

Doesn’t show as offline to me - odd.

go to your WTF > config.wtf file

change the portal to logon.rpheaven.org

SET portal “logon.rpheaven.org

Same here. And whenever I actually get in onto one of my characters, I’m immediately disconnected.

also, not a bug

but client side patches when

L3arn t0 patch f1rst

Portal is already set properly beforehand; still disconnects upon login.

I updated the Config.wtf with SET portal “logon.rpheaven.org” even if it was already the same, and it let me see the Realm List, ofc RPH is offline… but it fixed the Disconnecting when trying to log in… for now.

well currently the server is down / constantly crashing

if the portal is set correctly just make sure you’re launching WoW with the rphlauncher.exe and not wow.exe

beyond that if you’re still having problems, just keep trying, server is very unstable currently.

Becuase the server IS DOWN!

Calm down, friend. I haven’t been able to get to any screen besides this, so I was trying to figure out whether it was a cleintside issue, or a server issue, being that it is a new client I haven’t used before.

Will the skin patches like eredar, earthern dwarves etc return?

these require a db2 edit to show up, so it should be available pretty soon, priority tends to be getting the server to at least staying alive

.db2 editor program isn’t updated to 8.2, 8.0.1 is the only BfA private server version that supports .db2 edits until this is updated. That is, unless it’s streamed to personal/private clients via CDN. 

However, custom skins that replaces .blp will still work.

Junker Gnomes have no arms or legs.

Some characters are unable to be logged on (disconnects after loading screen), while some characters still work.

Armour currently obeys horde/alliance only restrictions.