RPH Google Drive

Got rid of it because not worth the hassle and according to some people no one cared i made it, so yall have fun downloading


Great to see the community unite and search for (temporarily) solutions!

You have my gratitude!

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Hey, just wanna help peeps, seen too many reports without a true solution

Bump, got this thing up, yall enjoy

Okay, anyone who used this before today, please redownload, needed to patch it

Dr3ad quit slacking u tardie


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Thank you for everyone showing me support, I just want to help the community and see returning and new players get to rph

edit: My brain typed everything not everyone, so I corrected that

Bumping thread in case people need to see that the download is down. Sorry to hear about the people here, SovereignGary. They’re the reason that I normally end up uninstalling and taking a break, so I know what you mean. But hey, I had fun with it for a bit longer because of you. So thanks!

Back up your installs if you haven’t folks. I didn’t, as reading .ann makes me want to purge my computer permanently some days. See ya’ll in a year or maybe never, if this gets fixed. I might have to play a real MMO sometime soon.