Rupaul's Transmog Race Bulletin

We’re back!

Rupaul’s Transmog Race Season 4


Are you looking to flex your WoW expertise? Do you know the best gear to use in WoW? This is the guild for you then my friend! My friend and I have decided to do another season since the last was pretty popular.

How does it work?

Thanks for asking!

A theme is given and it is your job to find the best WoW items to make a decent outfit for the theme. The themes are relatable and won’t be impossible using WoW armor. After we see each of the sets, the judges + host will decide on a winner. Each round will slowly eliminate a person until we get down to the winner!

Current open positions:





This Season’s Jackpot: $10 Steam Gift Card


Come join us for Transmog fun! No telling how many items you will find exist.


PM me for any questions or if you want to join as this season starts very soon

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