Scripting Inquiry

Since someone keeps asking me about scripting, would anyone knowledgeable leave here the proper guiding to it, because I can’t script for shit anymore.

“ Basically what I want is
Player approaches NPC
NPC does one of several dialogues from a list that I’ve wrote without potentially doing more than one“


These are the exact options you would need to create the effect you want for NPCs to greet the player coming within a 2-yard distance every 2 seconds. You can play with the distances and timings, 1-yard is a little to close imo, but if you need to tight it up, then its a option.

Event Chance set between 10%-50% is important because if you want multiple text IDs then add another script on top with these settings, if not, it will say all text IDs at once without the variable 10%-50% event chance.

Good luck.

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