Server reset countdown

I’m sure its been said a thousand times before but I’m still going to ask for it, please put in a server countdown if the server is about to reset so we can plan a bit around that.

Or if there isn’t one already, a time schedule that tells us when the server is going to reset beforehand. A calendar of sorts.

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In addition to this, I’ve heard of multiple people having problems with faction changing, aside from just myself. Please fix it.

Planned restarts usually happen at the same hour as they are timed. It’s not hard to check when the server restarts. (likely 1-2 fixed times / day or every few days in order to clear the cache.)
Crashes, on the other hand, happen sporadically and are the real issue since they are dependent on a greater variety of aspects, all of which are not really predictable in a real-time application such as a game, and are likely in need of various core changes for stability & performance to be achievable.

I’m more inclined to believe there’s waits for the new core version to be made available and plans being made on how to integrate the RPH specific features into it, rather than any more last minute fixing or last minute implemented features.

Bettering the code such that it’s as less dependent to the actual core which is subject to per-expansion, more or less, significant changes is more important over implementing small “nice to haves”, such as a timer like that which can otherwise, as I’ve explained initially, be easily kept track of.

(e.g. during legion the crash was at 10:03 PM Server Time, now I’m not even sure if there’s a fixed time for restarts but we can always ask.)

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