Small sillies I've discovered

So ever wanted to just make  an actual poster or Art to look at in game, our book forge got you covered. How ever if you thought you were limited to just art you see in game files you are wrong.

To achieve that use the generic HTML code to asign a picture to it, center it, what ever, the picture must be placed in BLP format inside your Interface/Pictures folder thats inside _retail.

<HTML> <BODY> <IMG src=“Interface\Pictures\Styx_test”/> </BODY> </HTML> 

Where anything after the quotes past src is the path to your picture, do not add any extensions and make sure the picture is in BLP format without any compressions or what nots (No attributes like “clothing” or such required, just let the converter go ham, best results if you convert from png to blp)

Making wanted posters was never easier and actual in game art that you can preview (Lets say you are making an art galery and pictures in front are placeholders, but clicking them reveals how the art actually looks).

Thought id share it with people since there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated thread about it anywhere.


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Can other people see this too? Because blp is in -your- client alone

Youd obviously have to send them your “patch” to achieve it, yes. been using it to make wanted posters for the private rps ive been doing so far and propaganda posters which look real silly when aligned. Or actual proper questboard art.


Interesting that the books are able to load loose files

There are a lot of files the client can load even without a modified launcher, you can play music in game by using paths to what ever is inside your sound or interface folders too, not just limited to login screen. Video too.

Well done,@Boris.