something important about login screen

Give us a reason to turn sounds back on  live and give back the dota loginscreen music.

i can be your angle or your devol

I may be a slav but it’s a no from me chief

Can’t you put in an .mp3 on your computer as login screen music?

I can’t quote right now for some reason, but yes @[member=‘Corvin’] you can.  Just slap a couple of folders in and paste the MP3 and you got whatever you want as login music.

Unfortunately no. At least not at this time. It, like all mods/patches, required the ability to load loose files from the gamefolder.

some loose files should load, but it’s only the interface and such

Hm, it worked for Legion.  Let me see about trying again when I get home.

Well yeah, but iirc they disabled things like custom fonts and music replacements loading

it worked in legion because we had a cracked exe, so unfortunately that doesn’t really say much

I know for a fact that the logo could be replaced before the cracked exe

indeed it could, but that doesn’t really mean that everything else worked alongside it.


no you



Music swaps work, I assure you of that, you probably just use the wrong path or music format.

Its in _retail/Sound/Music/battleforazeroth/mus_80_beforethestorm_maintitle.mp3

Keep in mind folders seem to be case sensitive, I replaced the backround music with “Chubby Chekkers, lets twist again” a  few seconds before writing this post. The song must be in mp3 format and dont bother using one converted via the famous youtube converter they wont work for some reason. I assume its because of their weird bitrate and compression.

Dont forget to delete cache afterwards.

that’s not good enough, we need it official.
also make ricardo into the server welcomer

for the time being I added a dl link in my page which you can access in my signature

Well, I was too exhausted to do anything yesterday, but yeah I was gonna say it worked on retail without having any cracked program files. 

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