Stories of Azeroth

Hi! Here is the forum recruitment for my guild ‘Stories of Azeroth’!
If you like RP questing/Adventuring and doing events almost daily with a phase to go to at anytime 24/7, then we’re a guild for you!

We’re recruiting all lore friendly characters who want immersion in the world of Azeroth and would like to progress in story for their character. Whether it be a quester/adventurer, a soldier, a mercenary, a gnoll, a bandit, etc. ! We have many zones/areas we RP in that are fully spawned and explorable with quests and tasks! Some of these areas are Elwynn, Redridge, Durotar, The Barrens, Westfall, and some custom built areas such as Jiang Xue (Pandaria) and Cliffton (Kul Tiras)!

Whisper Jae the Monk in-game for a character evaluation and invite to the guild if interested! :smiley:

(Phase is 308894 for reference to the casual RP element we engage in from time to time. It is also where we do most of your adventures and questing!)