[Suggestion] Reload Npcs

I’ve noticing that a lot of people, me included, have been having problems with the loading of custom-added gobs and npcs. Since they are loaded separatedly from the world itself, sometimes the npcs end up clipping through the ground or even just falling off the world. My suggestion is adding a command that would reload the npcs around the player, similarly to how the .refresh command works with players, but instead of just reloading the outfit, it would reload the npcs themselves. It could be done?

Oh I’ve been thinking about that lately since the guild and I have been RPing in a custom built place where I have to constantly respawn the NPCs and delete the sunken ones. Someone will come and tell you: “Just turn the flying on noob”. But then the NPCs will sink to the stuff underneath them and won’t move.

I have no idea what flag you’re talking about but at face value, reloading NPCs is a pretty good suggestion. The fly state feature has drawbacks to how NPCs move and sometime whether they even will move or not. The only real flip side to this is reloading every NPC every ten or so minutes in a phase that has a ~lot~ of them, could get really laggy, really fast. 

Still, definitely worth looking into. I’d like to see what the admins think about it.

The NPC option is called pathfinding, which is broken with the switch to BFA. Turning flight on works but you need to do an animation replacement and make sure you have flight on by default  when you create the NPC otherwise the NPC evades even if it shouldn’t and won’t move like you say.

actually, no, it wouldnt lag.

or it shouldnt.

.ph ref doesnt lag unless you use .ph ref 1, which makes it so everyone is forced to use .ref, which refreshes everyone’s gear and reloads custom items

but since you arent reloading NPC items, there shouldnt be any lag with this.