Syndicate ~Rise of Alterac~

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"The Syndicate is mostly a human criminal organization which originates from the former kingdom of Alterac. It is based in Strahnbrad and operates primarily in the Arathi Highlands and the Alterac Mountains, although a few small encampments are scattered in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

These humans are enemies of the Alliance, especially for humans in the areas the Syndicate threatens, like the Trollbane family. They also hate the Horde with a passion, as these orcs severed ties right when the Syndicate needed them. The Syndicate is also the rival of another rogue faction, the guild of Ravenholdt. All who encounter these rogue vagabonds should be prepared for battle.

Created and formerly lead by Alterac’s former king, Aiden Perenolde, they currently have two known leaders: Aiden’s son Lord Aliden Perenolde, who directs the Syndicate’s actions in the Alterac Mountains from Strahnbrad; and Lord Falconcrest who directs Syndicate actions in Arathi Highlands from the semi-abandoned fortress of Stromgarde. Perhaps Lady Beve Perenolde, daughter of Aiden Perenolde, plays an important role too."

Custom ~ Lore

"With the Cataclysmic events unfolding, amidst the surrounding chaos, the Syndicate takes the oppurtunity to strike back and reclaim Alterac and its provinces to bring back it’s former glory. At first Lord Aliden Perenolde marches an army of mercenaries and cutthroats through the gates of Alterac City. In ruins and invested with ogres, wildlife, and ravenous wolves. It takes months reclaiming the city and casting all opposition out. In the process the Syndicate had striked Durnholde Keep in an attempt to cast out the Forsaken and turn it into an internment camp. As Lord Aliden again led an army of bandits and lone sorcerers, his overwhelming force was gurranteed a victory. As the last of the Undead were vanquished, triumphant and glorified in the moment, the former Lord of Alterac and now Kingpin of the Syndicate fell with a last choking breath as catapaults launched in barrels filled with plague. If the Forsaken weren’t going to have Durnholde then no one was. Undead and living alike, both fell lifelessly in a vain gasp for air.

Now that Durnholde is hazardous and a failed attempt, the morale of the Syndicate lowered and their adrenaline. Although fallen, Lord Aliden and his army would be glorified as Martyrs and their mission to liberate Durnholde Keep from the Undead savages would be known as, “Martyrdom”. With the lost of a strategic castle, Alterac City, Stromgarde, and Strahnbrad began to set minor camps all around the region. Securing territory while sending out war parties and raiding enemy fortifications. The heir of the Throne of Alterac and of the Syndicate would be disputed between as Isiden, the Eldest son of Aliden Perenolde, and Ivan, the youngest of siblings but most content and appropiate for leadership, battled for control. At first Isiden planned to posion his brother when feasting inside the barracks of Alterac, which would become the headquarters of the future Syndicate. Ivan avoided the posion and counter-attacked with an accusation of murder and conspiracy. With a short and biased trial in the town center, Isiden was sentenced to a hanging unless relinquishing the title of Lord of Alterac. Isiden forfeited his birthright and with much shame bent the knee to Ivan.

Now that Ivan became Lord of Alterac and existing leader of the Syndicate, he let his ambition guide his sword and swept it’s shadow across the land. At first he ordered the reconstruction of Alterac City, provided with slave labor and with materials from the forests of the Hinterlands Alterac City was rebuilt but still was only a glimpse of it’s former glory. With plans and ideals for future glory and mass wealth, Ivan had turned a blind eye to the hostilities of the land. The Forsaken, Alliance, and Horde saw the Syndicate as a rising threat and would not let it grow any stronger. The Alliance sent it’s dwarven tanks and gnomish bombers while the Forsaken and Horde provided both monstrosities of hate and orcish warriors to Alterac in a blow to wipe the Syndicate off the map. The Siege of Alterac City had begun.

For ten long months the Syndicate held out and defended the city from invaders. The Gnomish bombers sent to eradicate those inhabitants inside were shot down as the magus and shadowcasters sought blazing embers of bolts at them. The Dwarven tanks were crushed with catapaults as boulders came flying over the walls into the screaming wails of it’s victims. When the Forsaken had brought barrels filled with plague, the Syndicate had sabotaged them and had used it against the Undead, unleashing the gases onto the armies that came to do the same to them.

With victory in Ivan’s grasp once more, the Alliance pushed a relentless assault. Using rams and artillery to destroy Alterac’s defenses. The weapons proved worthless as the walls of the city would be rebuilt as stonemasons quickly replaced missing pieces with the chunks that had been exploded. It was unkown the casualties that both sides had, but the Horde had had enough and marched home. The Forsaken were next to leave, shamed that their own weapons became their downfall. The Alliance, bitter with defeat, no longer aimed its artillery into the walls of Alterac City but into the city itself. Not knowing what lied within, bombs were fired into the city in a reckless slap to the face as explosions pounded within. After hours of bombing, the Alliance too left with only a smirk on it’s face.

The Gates of the City were never opened until months later. It creaked and fell, wornout and broken. Within, the rebuilt city was reverted to ashes of old. Ruins. Burnt houses, destroyed homes. The only buildings intact remained the barracks and city hall, although severely burnt. Bodies laid by the hundreds, a few scattered remainings were burying the dead while others sat in the snow darkened by ash and smoke. Ivan, his brother, and council, remained inside the barracks. The whole time Ivan acted independent and gave orders that would not be questioned. Ivan was not phased by the destruction that threatened his life, his kingdom, and his Syndicate. He ordered that all slaves would begin to start rebuilding, scout parties sent out to kill any enemies left behind, and aid from Stromgarde and Strahnbrad. Progress has been slow, but Ivan had pronounced a terrible vengeance on those resposible for the deaths of his

brothers and sisters within his criminal empire.

And now it is present day. The slaves labor in the snow, pushing individual blocks of stone into the walls as orders come from commanders shouting out vanity and commands. Ivan sits upon his throne of dirt, calculating, planning, extending his ambition and exacting his revenge. The Rise of Alterac had begun.

((If you read lore, put a ## in the application where it says, “Did you read lore?”))

Classes Accepted

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Kingpin - Unavailable

Councilman - Chosen

Officer - Chosen

Commander - Chosen

Soldier - Available

Recruit - Start

Slave - Wanted


When RPing, you’re character’s class can be a rogue, but ICly an assassin, thug, bandit, etc. Also works with mages. You could be an aristocrat or a wizard. Roles must be sensible.


  1. Don’t poweremote

  2. Don’t powergame

  3. Use OOC brackets

  4. Know decent amount of Syndicate lore

  5. Read both custom lore and lore on Wowwiki

  6. Put a $$ in, “Did you read rules” in application

  7. Wear the mask given to you ingame at all times (Outside phase not necesary)


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Role (I.e. Mage can be a Aristocrat, Warlock / Shadowcaster, Rogue / Assassin):

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