.tel delete / .ph tel


Ever made a tele and  realize you screwed up and made it in a wrong position? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could delete the teles _you _made and remake them to new location? Or better yet, make teles phase spesific! 

I find that both " .tel delete" and " .ph tel add / .ph tel delete / .ph tel" would serve as a quality of life improvement! 

Thanks for reading,

Headless Horseman

yeah that’d be cool I guess, .tel delete wouldn’t work cause then you could delete anyone’s teles, but the .ph tel system could be nice.

Well like phases, I’d say teles could be-… character-saved? So you can only delete teles you made

I know how frustrating it is to mess up while making a custom teleport, but if you look to the bright side, you can just forget about the wrong tele and just make another one.