The Coven - Guild Overview [Active]

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  • Vision
  • Playground
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The Coven is a term often used to refer to circles of witches. With adaptation, such group can fit in World of Warcraft universe while staying true to its nature. Along with well established rules to balance both growth of the guild and power-flow of the individuals within it, it will strive to achieve old-fashioned witchcraft theme. However, more of that bellow!


This guild will focus on elevating witches beyond that which is crushing them into abstract figures only told in fairy tales. Our group will seek to build itself from the ground up to a respected status in the society, both in the story and the current RP climate of RPH. Beside a room with necessities, a stove, and few more, nothing will be given. In early stages, the players will have requirements (chain-tasks) which will have them collect various materials and ingredients to build and make something. Whether it be to gather material, regrow plants and fruits upon trees or cook up a curse, it will all count towards the current main goal. Establishment.


Further into the mechanics of building, we arrive in our personal playground, which is DM-ed upon request. Upon initiating a conversation about expanding/building/making certain things, a list of materials and hours of labor needed to achieve that will appear in a designated discord channel. Bellow, we have an example of an alchemy expansion;


Materials Price Seek Materials Yourself
10 Glass Panes 5 Silver Coins No
15 Logs of Wood 2 Silver Coins Yes
35h Labor 1 Silver & 60 Copper Coins Yes
5 Empty Planters 70 Copper Coins Yes

As you can see, the players can choose whether they want to pay for certain materials or seek them on their own. They might be able to chop down 15 trees down but some won’t be able to make glass panes.

To avoid people paying for all materials because they’re super rich out of nowhere, take a look at the job system bellow.

Example Job: Enchanting Weaponry

Rank Roll Minimum
Learner 80/100
Witch 65/100
Versed 50/100
Potentate 45/100
Elder 45/100

This is always a subject to change upon player request.


Upon joining the coven, a player will be asked whether their witch/warlock is just getting into practice or is already experienced. The ranks are the following;

  1. Learner
  2. Witch
  3. Versed
  4. Potentate
  5. Elder

• Restorer (Coven’s Healer.)
• Subdued (A Person either imprisoned, enchanted or seduced by Coven’s members.)
• Hallowed (Three hand-picked mercenaries.)

All of these ranks have their roles in coven’s structure, I shall explain the potentate here:

These people have excelled in magical arts, they have given their all to the Coven, and as such, whether they are loved or hated, they must be respected first. The Potentates will watch over the Coven's grounds, its practitioners and deal with primary situations. Each Potentate is allowed to choose up to two Versed as their advisor and assistant. The Potentates will take part in training and reprimanding The Learners, The Witches and The Versed. Everyone answers to the Potentates, they keep the order within the hallowed walls. ~ Taken from Discord.

Contact Us

Walk towards the moon, for the witching hour is upon us, come closer and feel its embrace, reclaim your power.

PS! We are in need of capable phase moderators, builders and DMs!

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