The Elir Shipyard (Braveguard) Guild recruitement

Welcome to the Elir Shipyard, a former Tol’vir settlement. The place is now an active market and in the same time, a front to fight against a greater enemy, ‘The Void’ The Braveguard packed their bags and reached into the area and started defending it. During this time a lot of events happened, most noticeably the constant attack from shadowy entities.
The Alliance agreed to reinforce the area, and help the Braveguard, which brough the attention of a group called Arc Light. This group is specialized to battle anything that is related to the destruction of Azeroth. The group allied with the Braveguard and negotiated with the horde to join them. The Braveguard were completely against the Idea, yet they were forced to accept it, and that’s what they’ve done. The horde are now allowed to the area, thanks to a Horde Ambassador, and the Arc Light Company.
The Regulation allows the horde to be inside the area, work as a regular person, be defended by the local guards, and not discriminated, generally. The only rule is that they cannot have their weapons inside the area, unless they sign a contract between the Horde Ambassador and the Braveguard Company. The last entry was made by the Louis Fort Business House. The LFC is the one to lead the marketing and fund everything. Every plan, every investment is decided by them. They rule over the coins game.

We need some things, however. (OOC)
A: Staff.
Staff members needed:
Main Admin: (Filled) Me.
Right-H Admin:
Left-H Admin:
Event DM:
Market DM:
Quality Manager:
B. Players:
We are looking for:
Military Members to defend the town (Braveguard)
Mercenaries to join Arc Light and lead the offensive against the void (Arc Light)
People who Replace our npcs or fill free spots in our market. (Louis Fort)

If you feel yourself fitting into our project: