<The Wolf Cult>

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“Our legacy begins nine thousand three hundred years ago, as the War of the Satyr drew its toll on the already crippled kaldorei people. A gift from the wolf god Goldrinn; a divine form of fang and claw.”

The Wolf Cult has emerged from hiding to offer itself as a place for Pure Ones (worgen), Humans, and Kaldorei alike to find peace and safety within their holy group. It seeks members for a dedicated and active commune based out of Duskwood, with preachers often found spreading the heretical words of Alpha Prime’s “Purity of Essence” to the many lands of Azeroth. In recent times, a once empty fortress in Duskwood now stands as a bright, burning candle against the dark; The Wolf Cult opening the gate only to their invited guests and allies.

Will you, too, answer the call of the wild?

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Members are required to have Discord, and be of the Worgen, Human, or Kaldorei races. Our rules are simple: Act mature and respect other players, do not ERP with minors nor in public, and try to respect and follow lore to the best of your abilities. Events will be held throughout the week at approximately 6PM-to-10PM EST and will hopefully include a mixture of religious activities, training, hunting, general ferality and casual RP. D20 will be used as a staple of some of those events, though not all. With all that said, the guild has an extensive array of sources and contributing documents that can be provided to those needing education regarding Worgen, while at the same time welcoming veterans of roleplay and lore with similarly open arms.

To this end, we are actively hoping to hear from you, Worgen fans!

We can be reached at the following Discord; questions, concerns, applicants, & etcetera need only make contact over chat:

-Sir Ruyter Cainhurst
High Pure One


so, i’m assuming this is a custom lore spin on the cult, right? the wolf cult itself is perhaps the farthest thing from a peaceful/safe “holy group”, and i have to wonder if such a sparsely-populated group like them would even be interested in recruiting, much less have anybody to recruit – night elves and humans alike are pretty well aware of the evilness of the wolf cult, especially any human who might’ve lived in duskwood/elwynn. i can’t imagine anyone would want to join them

Due to the lack of necessities that the original Wolf Cult had to face; prejudice, Gilnean fears, and lack of control – I feel that The Wolf Cult almost serves as a forerunner organization to the modern Worgen establishment. The way the Light influenced the founding of the Silver Hand, the words and teachings of Alpha Prime have shined brightly in the currently marvel that is the Worgen people, regardless of previous allegiences.

I find that the people of Gilneas and the Alliance might come to see this continuation of The Wolf Cult as a leading ‘church’ for some of our people; now that Azeroth has been rendered safe once again, the Worgen are still left to deal with their form’s ferocity and anger – something that many would have to deal with.

The Wolf Cult itself served as a secret, well, cult! – that had all manner of philosophies, rituals, and rites to their practice. That being said, I feel like some Pure Ones might actually be interested in learning of their history, as well as potentially finding a personal purpose to their curse.

As a lore group, I am hoping to use “custom-lore” only to fill in the holes left behind by all the great assets we have indeed been given. Writing the Purity of Essence book is something I aspire to in the coming days, if only to give players a well-deserved RP device that we sadly do not have the writing for ourselves. In regards to our ‘evil’ status, I like to think that the feral nature of many original members was taken as such due to the haphazard nature of the Cataclysm. However, with many previously loyal groups joining the Alliance, I believe a continuation of the original theocratic group is fitting to be manipulated and wielded for RP.

Great take on the Cult. May go about making a character for it if I find the free time.

Seen some of your members around as well, well-rounded folk. Best of luck!

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