Titles (and more)

hi, so, let me cut straight to the chase

we still have titles from the old forum, and yet, can’t change them? or, rather, in fact, even remove or give yourself a title if you don’t have one. is there something im missing in this wild ass spiderweb of buttons or is there no functionality for such yet? if the latter is the case-- can that be re-added?

signatures were also a nice outlet to display some relevant ingame information (or otherwise irrelevant info), and yet are completely gone. is there any intention (or possibility) to even bring em back?

also would be nice if profiles had about boxes back or smth.

edit: also donator colors

thanks for listening to my ted talk on the Battle.not forums


lol first blizzard takes away our hopes of dreams of getting high elves as an allied race and now this ? fuck this game im resubbing to guild wars

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fuck this game im subbing to star wars galaxies

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i actually straight up thought i was on blizzard forums for a second, fuck you


Gonna look into titles.