Top 6 most unsettling players on rph

Anyone else?


can’t tell if dramatic effect or people really use reshade like this


LOL. If you find the time or nerve to make more videos like this, that would be an epic gamer moment. And btw, a quick read on Edrein’s trp will tell you that he’s also a silent ERPer, waiting for someone to whisper him

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ringing ears, blurred vision, the end approaches

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I am offended that I am not on this list.

im laughing

you forgot antun :flushed:

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I couldn’t sleep after watching this. Scariest documentary I’ve seen this year.

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me, turning around to see if edrein is there

he is

:flushed: :point_right: :point_left:


Ah yes, the timeless trick of engaging in ERP with someone and “exposing” them afterwards. You were only pretending to type lewd words on the internet, right?


Number 7: That One Nelf Child ERPer

Bro, why, why does this exist, people scare me more then Reddit here.

wish it had more names and not just archetypes

Number 8- Axel: This man named Axellius is scary he is everywhere, knows everything, and wants to touch your hot banana buns.

nope im not axellius … … .

You are now


can i be on the list??

shut up