Unable to install RPH

I’ve been trying time and time again to install RPH. I go through the steps exactly as outlined, but every time I try to run RPH Launcher.exe the end result is always a white box with the error code “ERROR #2217731728 (0000000000) File I/O error.”
Does anybody know a solution?

Update: Just tried again, this time the error code was “ERROR #884599136 (0000000000) File I/O error.”

factory reset pc

works everytime

That’s hilarious, but if you’re (somehow) being serious then no, I’m not going to factory reset my PC just to play a modded WoW client.

Try shutting down your anti virus. It usually just yeets RPH’s client

try the antivirus thing or join the rph discord and as in the tech help channel.

y would u even want to join this shitty server anyways its literal hell

Same issue as OP, my error code is:

ERROR #3564365472 (0000000000) File I/O error. Windows Defender doesn’t block it, running as admin doesn’t change the error, reinstalling doesn’t make the error go away. I think we’ll just have to wait on this one.

Just join the discord and @ the admins till they do something useful.