Warcraft:Damned of the Infinite

This is more or less a DM a campaign that’ll be hosting later this year, and we need to fill up the slots of 30 campaign players, it’s still in early fleshing phases, and we’ll be working on this for a bit. However due to the fact that we plan to work with closed resources (Stats, etc) we don’t want to open it to the public and have th experience yoinked because someone now has some one shot ability. So the point of this campaign is to give a decently lengthened progressive campaign that’ll start in Stormwind to Orgimmar (EK and KM).

This will focus on a alternate timeline where the Infinite have ensured Garrosh and the Ironhorde were successful in their endeavors, and now Azeroth is fighting against these foes.

The Heroes (players) will come in a pretty late phase where most of Azeroth has been overrun in a quick span, they’ll have to fight through to reclaim Stormwind and Elywnn (it’s not super big battlefields past capital cities as to not be to ambitious) after this the goals will be simple and how the campaign works. Each Capital and location will provide a bonus, simple towns may give you unique units but it’s less then likely and simply securing them will give you supplies for upgrades, units, etc. As you go about conquering Azeroth on a weekly basis in between you’ll be able to fight off warbands, invasions, infinite attempting to sabotage you. If the campaign goes well, we’ll push for daily events, the quicker the campaign is done I’d say is the better, as we want to make it enjoyable but not be this year long, troublesome to do campaign.

Minor locations such as say Goldshire will function with a simple boss fight, and some forces to take it, while Capitals will function as a raid style event. I’ll be fleshing out the units, and so forth and how this system goes as we progress, but much of this is already got a laid out plan, it just has to be built and set up. Opinions, critique, and so forth will be welcomed, it’s a strange idea but I’m sick of just town RP and causal phases, and I want to give something big, yet not to big a try.

As for the stat system and custom units, it’ll work something such as players will make a class card with their abilities, etc and it’ll be checked by a admin, they’ll level up to receive their stronger and more potent abilities and such forth. A tank class will not be as strong as a dps class or healing class in their respective fields, but perhaps they have abilities increasing their armor, or abilities such as Avatar. It’s a big project but I think will be a fun one, especially with corona and many people now off college, Uni, etc. As for unique units, heroes, places, you can expect to see things such as Gilneas giving you Worgens who perhaps are stronger generalist units then say a Human, or Trolls who perhaps have strong magic units, heroes will act as either iconic characters providing a subset of their abilities, or custom heroes that’ll have a unique skill set to help you in major battles/ controlling the respective zone.

https://discord.gg/hpTYMy6 Shall be our underdeveloped discord for the time, but I hope to provide some content!

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