Warfronts and issues

While I’ve been slacking, my attention to the matter of reforming and relaunching the Gilneas warfront on request, is high, I’m curious, what would people want to see done differently in a warfront that has failed or should be included in one?


Far less freaking out at people for miniscule - scratch that - any reason at all. I’m confident you’ve grown past that.

Apart from that personal remark, not enough warfront phases play with the concept of allowing players to make their own factions and go their own creative routes.

Too many, such as the ones often involving Montague and his friends, have a pre-set ending and get the most objectively uptight, nonsensical and disrespectful people to lead or serve as officers in the “main” alliance guild, which shouldn’t exist to begin with. There should be no “main” faction guilds, especially not run by any of the phase administration, and no “main” faction guilds looking to unite one group or another. Unity should be found through good leadership, not through who brings the most friends, has the most numbers in their guild, or who has phase commands.

Preventing admins from taking part in “main” guilds helps to prevent bias, and focus on DMing and construction, for which I direct a word of advice to people in general: When you host, your phase should be finished construction. Not close to complete, not in the process of. Done. Anything less is lazy, and shows that you’re more dedicated to a power fantasy than to a quality RP. Does this mean that the final result of the phase will be available right away? No, it will change through development, but if development is stunted because your admins are RPing more than building bases, then your phase is not ready.

And for the love of God when someone asks you to build them a base, don’t half-ass it for whatever reason. Admins should not be bringing personal bias for or against a group of people into the way they run/build the phase and they should not be looking to get their duties done and over with as soon as possible because it’s inconvenient for their RP. If being a good admin is an inconvenience, they don’t belong on the admin team.

Anything less than this and I can’t find myself joining as I know the phase will follow the same cycle of start -> hype -> drama -> die. Alright, rant over, this is just my two cents based off of my experience.


Just don’t go around and uncharacteristically execute people on a whim like that other phase. Don’t let power-hungry and those with superiority complex take over an essential role.

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It comes less that I am one of the people that thrives off power, and more one that wants to keep a steady and balanced flow, I know how the warfront will work, (it will work having two points) these points will be respectively the Horde Fortress, and The Alliance beachhead into Storm Glenn (correct me if I’m wrong haven’t cared to look at the map.) that’ll be uncontrollable as they’ll serve as the respective faction spawns and hubs, from there points can be contested, and when one side controls all points they can invade, which if successful will conclude the warfront. Simple stuff hopefully, there’s a decent bit of thought and rehauling to be done from previous experiences learned, like Sash said, I’d like to have it in a complete stance from A-Z before I remotely start even diving into the command structure, I stilll don’t know if players be put in “high command” positions is better then one entity dm for a commander npc, as I find inconsistency’s of dms for one npc is also problematic.

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what other phase?


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