What We -Need- (Not What We Want)

The Problem:

Here’s where we stand, RPH. For many months, the community has come to an issue related to changes to our phases. At some point, the ability to delete characters that have phases attached to them was removed. This has brought forth an unfortunate inconvenience that has never existed in the many years of this server’s history until recently.

The Plan:

The idea to remedy this situation is that we strengthen the bonds that tie us. I suggest not only keeping the aforementioned disability, but making it so that a decision made is a decision that is final.

The staff team should remove all character and faction customization commands. This would state to the playerbase that they must be responsible for their decisions, a lesson that’s gone forgotten throughout the last generation or so.

To further this movement, I also suggest removing the phase name change command, as well as both the NPC and Gobject deletion commands. This will prevent a brash movement brought about by anxious thoughts to undo their work. What they have made is what they will remain with.

These changes will surely show the people who play here that the staff team means business about their plans of action, and that if you go to do something, you had better place some thought into it before pushing forward.

Thank you.

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is this bait

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omg so true!

totally agree. The command to create characters should also be removed, that way players won’t by mistake delete them in the future and would treasure their current characters.


I support this!!! There’s really no reason we should have GM powers either as it takes away from roleplaying
yes let’s go back to having 4 fucking accounts again
also disable any zone that isn’t in classic because they’re not valued enough.
while you’re at it disable item making too because without that we’d value the aspects of working with the retail mogging system. Also make sure to rename the server to Paragon or something.


i think we should make the entire screen black but keep the chat

a good rper doesn’t need visuals


i read this twice but i still dont understand anything

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What we need is MetaWoW.

Where did it go? What happened to it?

Pray for MetaWoW.


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lmao nice bro who would have thought like seriously i think this is a very impressive idea it will bring us together and no one will not like it and you are very cool for bringing up this plan and point like oh my gosh why have we not thought of this before like i can’t even believe that we’ve stooped this low in rph culture and how we always make fun of the people on the stairs in start how about we remove the stairs in start by covering them up with a wall that way no one can stand on the stairs but we need to go further we need to delete the start zone and teleport people across the map randomly so start isn’t a thing and how about we remove phases all together since they’re the source of this epidemic but if that doesn’t work dread needs to go to his server closet and turn the server into eight TB of porn storage so we don’t need to worry about server crashes anymore because the server won’t be up at all and we can all move on in life to get a job and perhaps form relationships in the real world instead of romancing random characters that will be deleted in two months but OH WAIT we can’t delete characters thus romancing characters is a better option but then that opens the door to people making mary sue characters which no one likes, you know it’s very annoying to fight against the 4 thousandth blood knight elf RPer that is basically immortal without existing prior in the server’s existence so i believe we should move on with roleplay and get a family or go to the store every now and then to grab a nice bag of chips and relax without worrying what will happen to our characters at the end of the day after some power player comes along and tries to ruin your character with a 16 para+ emote about killing you in the most absurd way possible and you go to the forums which is already plagued with being not alive and you post a shitty topic about being banned from a phase for being overscaled and quoting martin luther king jr. but then people meme on you so you have to make a new alias for yourself on the server which can bring up much unneeded drama which there already is too much of i think we should just take a second to thank those who stand around in start who don’t cause drama and have a clean track record and who are here to RP and not to ruin other people’s days because they’re tired of their life and they must take shit out on random people on the internet behind female futa elf characters on an illegal private server that cannot be taken down.

i read none of this but i agree



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