Windows 7/8 user, and losing keybindings, macros, and addons?

So for the longest time I’ve had the issue of all my variables such as my keybindings, macros, addons, and even chat window placement reset back to default.

Having the same issue? I know the fix! It’s a bit of a hassle, though.

NOTE: This is for people who have installed the RPH Action Bar Fix addon here ->

and are still having issues and need this tissue

Step one: Log on to your favorite character (Or least favorite, doesn’t matter) and run the command
/console synchronizeBindings 0

Next, log out and check your in your WTF folder.

At the bottom you should see SET synchronizeBindings 0

Now after this, delete your Account folder


After this, run RPH.exe as administrator, and this SHOULD fix the issue.
It took a lot of trial and error, and I know it may not work for some.
But I hope it helps.

The main problem is when you put your WoW folder somewhere like Program Files, its not allowed to save all its data, and that’s why running as administrator works.

Put your WoW folder on your Desktop or in C: not somewhere like Program Files.

I’ve done this personally, as in I put it on my desktop and it had the same issue. I’m sure it works for some, but yes. Most of the time it’s an issue with reading the file. 
I’ve learned that this can be caused by administrator permissions conflicting with the WTF folder, and even going as far as to change them can sometimes not work.
That’s why deleting the subfoulder worked for me. Reset the permissions.

Again, the instructions I provided worked for both me and a few others. I know it won’t work for everyone and I’m not the best troubleshooter… But wanted to post my solution nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Sadly this doesn’t work for me. Any updates for Windows 10?

dunno about you but these people have either got banned or probably died, try a thread that wasn’t from 6 years ago