Zoey Gale


Character Voice (Warcraft III Female Villager)||Character Theme
Name: Zoey Gale
Monikers: N/A
Race: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5"7
Birthplace: Elwynn Forest
Current Residence: Travels, often residing in Stormwind
Occupation: Larrisa Gale’s Bodyguard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Status: Deceased.

The first thing that could be easily noticed about Zoey is her size. Due to her age, she would be rather shorter compared to most folk that encounter her. Reddish hair tied behind her head, with amber-colored eyes serves as other noticeably traits in her appearance. She often keeps a warm smile on her face that seems to put people at ease when in her presence. She has a rather slim body, although a large scar can be seen on her left forearm going across it, as well as a circle shaped scar going along the lower, right side of her chest. After recent events however, she has dyed her hair to be a deep, dark red color.
Zoey is a rather kind individual who often strives to do the best she can to help those, even if it would require putting herself in harms way. She does hold a bit of an ambitious streak to her as well, trying to rise up the ranks in both Silverdale, and in the case of trying to become Brander Valrik’s squire. She is also very much dutiful and respectful, treating higher ranks with the respect they deserve, but is prone to an occasional outburst when she finds something that outright offends her. Recklessness is also a trait that can be seen, especially in combat, as she often tries to taunt people into attacking her when in a large battle (Although she sees it more so as keeping them on her, to protect others from said adversaries) which has lead to more than a few injuries on her end.


Recent events have put her at a more shy and calm, but also cynical mindset, while still kind (And still prone to be very reckless when in combat) she has basically put on a set of jaded glasses to see the world from, being distrustful of those around her as well as being one who no longer caring about concepts of “good” and “evil”, instead one who only cares about upholding the rules, and as such, being much more willing to do things strictly for what the rules say, rather than what they truly mean. She has also gathered an extreme hatred and fear for demons, especially that of the Nathraziem, and the warlocks that summon them which can put her into a more dangerous and violent state.
Zoey was born to Landon and Stephanie Gale in a small farmhouse north-east of Goldshire on the other side of the lake. For the most part, she had a rather normal upbringing, learning how to read and write, while running errands to and from Goldshire for a short amount of money. She and her father often got along, however he had been drafted into the military during the war in Northrend, forcing them to be separated. When the war ended, she feared the worst, but much to her delight, her father had survived, and would soon return to his work.

The cataclysm, caused much more problems than the scourge ever did for her, as when it hit, it opened up a path to the Burning Steppes. There, the Blackrock orcs would invade under their “Dark Horde” banner. Although they would later be pushed back, one casualty from their gruesome onslaught would be her mother, who had taken a strike to the back when fleeing their house. Left without a home, she and her father ventured to Stormwind, where he returned to the military for money, and urged for Zoey to find somewhere she can live, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to afford a home here.

As a result, she would soon take a boat headed to the Leogard Isles, and had rented a room in the Hearthvale inn. Deciding she wished to protect people as well, so nothing like that happened to them, she joined their military as a member of Silverdale. During her stay there, she would make frequent letters to her father, who, proud at her daughter for finding her path, urged her to continue on with her goal. There in Silverdale, she met a knight and paladin by the name of Brander Valrik, and, inspired by his willingness to help others, asked to become his squire as to wield the light as a paladin herself. His response was to have her learn the tenants of the holy light, and have her apply said tenants into daily life. She often spends her time training and studying, or when outside of the isles, socializing with others.


After spending a few months within the military, she had a bit of experience, and would be sent onto a few missions. The first of which, at the time not thought of any real deal, was to deal with a band of bandits within Silverdale. She would assist Brother Gavin Thomson (Gavinlad) in dealing with them, and had heard that they had stolen an important item from the church. After dealing with them, and retrieving the relic, she would be rewarded with thanks. The second of which, the details are left rather vague, due to her being impaled halfway through the mission and put into a critical state, but when she woke up, Silverdale had won, however they had also suffered heavy losses. For her constant duty however, she would finally be promoted to the rank of Corporal. And she would undergo the ceremony to be Sir Brander Valrik’s Squire, him believing she is worthy of following the path of the light in training as a paladin.


She would soon join an order of paladins within Silverdale known as the Knights Gryphon, although the joining of such would strip her of her title of corporal, she would fight alongside the order’s grand-master and the one teaching her, Brander. She would spend her time mostly learning and practicing her skills in the light, as well as combat. Her skill in the light and wielding it, would be sorely lacking much to her dismay, although her combat skills are average for a common warrior. Although with the most recent attack on the bloodhall, and later it’s destruction, her faith has been shaken, although her drive and desire to destroy all the undead within Silverdale, has only been strengthened.


Situations turned sour when she had been recalled to Stormwind for family matters, as her father had fallen sick, and the need for more soldiers in the ranks of the Alliance have drafted her into service. While initially content with it, it was around this time doomsayers and the invasions on Westfall, Hillsbrad, Dun Morogh, Tanaris, the Northern Barrens, and Azshara by the Burning Legion have forced her into the conflict. During one such attempt to protect Westfall, a Dreadlord had managed to cloud her mind and force her to fight against the heroes. Though she was later freed, it left it’s mark on her.


Her sister Larrisa, who she hadn’t been in contact for a while, had also made a name for herself in the military, although serving as a member of the SI:7 for gathering intelligence for the Alliance. Once the attacks were repelled, she was stationed to protect Larrisa and act as a bodyguard. In truth this was meant to serve as a means of therapy by spending time with loved ones due to the ordeal caused by the invasions, but for her, its simply another job she needs to do until they tell her otherwise, much to the displeasure to her sister and her parents.


Landfall had been made. Both Zoey and Larrisa had been brought into the main forces to sail to the Broken Shore. The time to hunt Gul’dan down was now, and while Larrisa was worried for her, Zoey, was smiling. She wanted revenge for what the Nathraziem, Zath’ash the Corruptor, had done to her in Sentinel Hill during the invasions.

Aided by the forces of the Horde, their first job was to protect the heroes as they took down the fel stabilizing crystals, from demons. Things were going easy. Even though the fighting was hard, they quickly took down the crystals, and even brought down a Fel Lord commander within minutes of him making himself known.

Going further in, structures of blackened rock, glowing with green embers dotted the landsdcape. Legions of demonic forces stood in her path. Her time for vengeance had come. As the combined forces engaged, she sought to kill as many demons as she could before having to move further in.

During this time, she saw a Gan’arg operating a Fel Devastator, aimed at a group of people. One of those people had been her sister, Larrisa who had been stunned by a cheap shot. Panic in her mind, she rushed for her sister, and just as the maw of blackened magma, glowing bright green with felfire was shot out, she tackled her sister out of the way, taking the blast herself… Nothing but ashes remained, for Zoey, had been killed.

While still in possession of it, she no longer wears the armor she had as a squire, instead she has changed back to more bulkier armor, going to the armor found by the Stormwind Guard, complete with the tabard, only with one variation of wearing a large scarf which covers the bottom part of her face around her neck rather than a helmet, often pulling it up when she doesn’t want to talk to people or is nervous.


Both of her hammers have been retired although kept on as a reminder of her old path, as she has switched to the traditional sword and shield used by the Stormwind Guard. A blue lion on an iron shield, and a steel sword with a gem socketed within the pommel of her sword, it looks the same like every other warrior.

Nice character! She seems like a cute lil’ gal. Also makes me interested in this Silverdale guild!

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Your character’s image immediatly reminded me of one I favorited on DeviantArt


north-east of goldshire?


this bitch living in a lake

A small little farmhouse across the lake, by the cliffside to Northshire Abbey.

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Cool character, reminds me of this ^

Really nicely made, only thing I can say right now that i thought was vaguely negative was your misuse of “moniker”. A moniker is a nickname or something someone calls you on a regular basis in place of your ordinary name, so I don’t think its fitting to have “Private of the Silverdale Military” there unless someone walks up to you and says “Heyyy Private of the Silverdale Military, how’s it going? Wana hang out?”, works well under occupation where it is.

Added the voice (Sadly couldn’t find any videos actually showing the voice), and fixed the moniker.


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Just kiddin’, though there must be a significantly high mortality rate to be the only one called ‘Private.’

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The art pleases me.

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UPDATE: Zoey has reached the rank of Corporal, and is getting ready to undergo the ceremony for becoming a squire in the way of the light.

eh, i’m glad i shot her

New Update: Change to Equipment. Another section added to history.


Age: 16 *


No longer clad in standard issue armor, she is clad in blue chainmail armor, with leather boots and gloves, now used for more mobility rather than protection ,*** it possesses a gold colored trim, giving a slight sense of regality as well as still offering a means of protecting her from basic attacks** ****and the like.

Her old club has since been been retired, as she now uses her hammer ****she recieved from Brander as his squire. While the hammer head is larger, the overall shaft is smaller, *****being used as a one-handed weapon to use alongside her libram in a hammer and book style of fighting.

Picture *******

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* REEEEEE! Fighting youths clad in 20kg maille get out!

** Maille, finally. Not some filthy ‘platemail’

*** Should of gone brigandine and gambeson. Should of gone to SpecSavers [TM]

**** ‘Basic attacks’

***** can u build my buildings und repair mein armor mi’lord?~

****** Good one.

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7/11 ~ IGN

‘Good business’

For a sketch without color, this is actually good… (the exception of armor components… reeeee)

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